[fee-ka] Swedish– a moment to slow down, enjoy and appreciate the good things in life.

The Fikâ experience just got better...

Fikâ now offers a local coffee perfect for that morning pick me up. We can then magically transform back into our ice cream truck for afternoon treats. 

Just like the meaning of Fikâ, we want you to stop and enjoy the good things in life.

From our base in the stunning Bay of Plenty, let your tastes buds do the work as you slow down and enjoy a little moment. 

The Fikâ Experience is designed by you, for you. Build your own experience from coffee, desserts, rolled ice cream, real fruit ice cream or select from one of our artisan masterpieces. Whether it's the local markets, beach front, or a summer wedding event - you will find Fikâ bringing the the Bay of Plenty, a one stop food truck experience. 

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